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My first video

February 5th, 2008 (05:36 pm)

It's my first video. This is story about Addison and Izzie.
Title: This is Not Real Love
Summary: Addison decides to leave Seattle and break up with Izzie.

Addison decides to leave Seattle and break up with Izzie. And one morning she tells Izzie about she leaves. But now life goes on and they work still together, but for Izzie it is hard. During surgency when Burke tells about his love to Christina, Izzie realizes that with Addie anything like that will not to be any more .
Later Izzie have a conversation with George and tells him about her relationships with Addie, that it end. George tries to talk with Addison,but not anything to change anymore.
Later Addison and Izzie have one more hard conversation and Addison tells that she sorry but she has made decision to leave and Izzie is free,"you ain't ever gonna change me". Izzie accuses Addie what all her promises were false,what Addison promised to be with her..."you'd never leave me"... Maybe she never loved her?
P.S.ОК,English is bad, but the essence is clear. Listen a song's lyrics and you'll understand about video:)

Notes: Male voice from Addison's POV, female voice - Izzie's POV